Wolford Satin De Luxe is one of my favorite pairs of pantyhose.

These pantyhose can be worn with almost everything. Pleasant to touch, easy to wear they make the perfect addition to any outfit but I prefer to match them with rather casual looks. Because of the thickness I prefer to wear them in the autumn or spring, often with boots.

Elegant character: The secret of these tights lies in their satin sheen and legendary back seam that highlights the back of the leg. Opaque material that turns heads.

Ready-to-wear tights made from highly elastic, shimmering fabric
Soft waistband with Wolford logo
Seam on the back of the leg
A feminine accompaniment for many occasions.

Buy Wolford Satin De Luxe Tights (in black)

Disclaimer: Description of the product from the official Wolford website. This video is not sponsored, the link is an affiliation.

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