When you have burning feet that has lasted more than 6 months and you’ve already been to at least 3 other doctors or therapists and the pain just isn’t getting any better, it can feel like you have NO OTHER OPTIONS to get better.

You probably tried massage, physical therapy (heat, stim, ultrasound, exercises.

Maybe you went to a podiatrist and they gave you orthotics.

You’ve even looked into fancy lasers for your burning feet.

Becoming more and more frustrated, you’re thinking to yourself, “Does anyone know how to cure burning feet?”

In this video, the New Jersey’s ONLY Non-Surgical Chronic Leg Pain Specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Scott discussed the most common, secret cause of burning feet that almost no doctors are talking about.

It’s called ADHESION and acts like glue in the foot muscles. If the burn is coming from a nerve, there is a medial plantar nerve entrapment underneath the plantar fascia and needs to be freed so it can slide. If you were an actual patient in the office, Dr. Jeff would also check your deep calf muscles for adhesion to see if you didn’t have the normal ankle range of motion, where your toes are 6″ away from the wall.

Then, Dr. Jeff would perform adhesion release on your foot to get rid of the glue.

If you’ve been struggling with burning feet for a while and you’re ready to finally get PERMANENT pain relief so you can walk, run, and just plain move, give us a call at NJ’s expert chiropractor Barefoot Rehab in Denville, NJ, to see if you’re a candidate for our care.

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