Give your legs a healthy boost with Solidea Venere 70 support tights.
The elegant sheer fabric up to your waist gives your legs a healthy glowing sheen. Perfect for every occasion.

The extra light graduated compression of 12-15 mmHg keeps them full of energy all day long. They also help with poor circulation and spider veins.
Comfort is designed in. The reinforced heel and soft breathable fabric gusset with sanitized hygiene function ensures all day freshness.

The soft non-binding waistband and 70 den of these class A tights make them feel really comfortable – like you’re not wearing tights at all.

The anti-stress sole feels like you’re walking on a cushion of air.

Also available in 30, 100 and 140 den, Solidea Venere is one of our best sellers, providing different levels of support and a real touch of style.

Available to purchase from Daylong: