Complete Pedicure video shot at Munna & Guys done by our Pedicurist. You will find complete steps of pedicure along with simple nail painting. This is how to do pedicure and these steps are mostly followed in Bangladesh, India & Pakistan. This is basic pedicure procedure.

Following are the steps involved in the pedicure shot in this video:

Step 1: Before even getting the client to your pedicure chair, make sure that you fill the pedicure tub with warm water after putting Pedicure shampoo, Pedicure salt and Hydrogen peroxide in it. Which will get bubbles which give nice feeling to the client.

Step 2: After the client sits, put one towel on her and one on you as shown in the video.

Step 3: Nail cutting and shaping

Step: 4: Apply cuticle cream

Step: 5: Dip the feet in the water to soak for few minutes.

Step: 6: Push the dead skin off the nail with the cuticle pusher.

Step: 7: Use cuticle remover to remove the dead skin around nails. Do it cautiously without hurting the skin.

Step 8: Put some Pedicure shampoo on Pedicure brush and clean the foot gently.

Step 9: Use steel scraper to remove corns or thicker calluses (cracks)

Step 10: Use the wood scraper to remove or shave calluses. Don’t rub vigorously but gently according to the skin type. Ask the client frequently for their comfort.

Step: 11: Apply scrub to the feet for proper cleaning and dip in the water. Clean after few min.

Step 12: Use the nail buffer to polish the nails and called nail buffing. Use the 4 sides of the buffer gently to get the desired polish.

Step 13: Apply massage cream to the foot and do gentle foot massage which gives complete relaxation and also hydration for the feet. This ends the basic pedicure procedure.

Step 14: You may apply nail colour if the client desires. Choose the colour and apply. Use acetone if necessary to remove nail colour stains.

Step 15: Apply nail top coat as it protects the nails from nail polish and colours. You may apply before and after the nail paint.

This ends the pedicure procedure. The basic pedicure should take minimum 30 minutes to max 45 minutes.

Need to take extra care of diabetics when using cuticle removers, cuticle pushers, scrappers etc as it may get them new wounds which are not good for them.

Hope this pedicure tutorial helps those who want to learn basic pedicure steps and how to to do at the salon.

This kind of best pedicure will give you complete relaxation and beautiful and healthy feet.

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