In this Bangla video tutorial, you will know about what are the information should have in every eCommerce website. I just showing every point that should have and how you can solve all the issues. Enjoy. Thanks.

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If I do not welcome everyone specializing in digital marketing at Riyadh, of course, subscribe as well as keep pressing the bell icon so that you can contact me with your first result. If you search for my FKST table, you will find this profile. So let’s not go any further, we will read the heretics and I will discuss the information you will need for the web site is what you need to do in your e-commerce website, of course, what information do you need right now and how do you use that information? This is the video I made today if this is a bowl video originally created for my clients. Video for those who are new to business or who are new to Allergy Use some information if you can add that information. Let’s know a little. We have some ancestors about collecting information about doing these tasks. What do you have to know as you first know that you have to work with the product? Here but I will not give you anything like decision-making, whatever type of business you are willing to do, Of course, if you know of any problem with this product, then you will find the video in my previous upload selection there, and you will pay the same. How do you take payment for the product you are selling, you will get cash on delivery. Whether you pay advance or you pay or you are up How to take payment via Excel rockets You have to be the subject of how you take Excel tomorrow How to deliver a product delivery Like you do any type of courier service use or do you have to deliver your own Clear Concept how you deliver product delivery. Depending on your monthly budget, it may be that your budget in Makhale It may be zero, or it may seem to you as big as 100000-200000 10 million 20 million. Whatever the case, there must be a creature ahead of time. If you have a problem with your budget, then you have a playlist as well as my playlist. Already in Commerce, There are many people who are doing business as well as you will discuss who are specialists or expert online marketers. Virtually Compass Teenager Lady is working You can communicate and talk to them If you have a Confusion how to get started or if you have an Idea you share the Idea then if you do not share your Idea or someone With that you cannot think but you cannot be big without discussing anything
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