Not after a faux tan? Want a subtle barely there look? This is the pair for you!

The name ‘Ghost’ derived from the fact these literally look like you aren’t wearing any. They are the perfect pair for those who want something super subtle, giving them a make-up finish on the legs.

They have a smooth, flush finish on the legs and perfect to be worn with any type of clothing. They have a silky soft finish from the toes to the waistband, and give great coverage!

👉🏼20 Denier
👉🏼Semi-shine in the sunlight
👉🏼Gender neutral – can be worn by anyone
👉🏼Sheer to waist with flat seams
👉🏼Comfortable 2cm waistband with 2-inch reinforcement underneath
👉🏼Breathable palm-sized cotton gusset
👉🏼Invisible non-reinforced toes
👉🏼Made using high quality yarns
👉🏼Comes in 4 sizes; Small, Medium, Large & XLarge Long
👉🏼X-Large size includes reinforced panty and large gusset
👉🏼Made in EU
👉🏼COMPOSITION: 86% Polyamide, 12% Elastane, 2% Cotton

💥Did you know this pair can last 24-48 hours wear?! One of my buyers decided to test it out and went 24+ hours in the same pair! I also tried it out myself for a night and vlogged it all :

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By Soni Panda x