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Hello friends and welcome to this new tutorial detailing another technique I use often when making my Heroes of Bronze short film.
This time we’ll have a look at how to texture the garment we created in the previous Marvelous Designer tutorial, right inside the awesome Substance Painter. You will learn some quick fundamentals, how I export the model from Blender to Painter, how to bake your mesh maps and highpoly mesh, add base colors and materials, paint details with alphas and create transparency to achieve some torn fabric edges. Then, we will export everything back to Blender.

00:32 Fixing the Animation Wiggle from the Marvelous Designer tutorial
02:25 Exporting the Garment to Painter
05:06 Setting up the model in Painter
08:56 Creating the Linen Base
14:34 Adding Patterns and Variations
19:10 Adding the Dirt Layer
22:30 Using Smart Materials
24:28 Painting Transparency
31:34 Texturing the Cloak (Chlamys)
32:34 Exporting the Textures
33:29 Using the Textures in Blender



#b3d #substancepainter #clothing