Get s sock bun donut here
1.Select a sock to work into your bun. It’s best to use the odd sock that isn’t useful anymore; avoid using a sock that’s still in regular use.
The sock should be ankle or mid-shin length; anything longer risks bunching up. Shorter socks tend to cradle your bun and hold it in place. Preferable a sock that is similar in color to the hair.
2. Remove the bottom portion of the sock using sharp, fabric scissors. Just cut off the area for the toes.
Follow the seam if possible when cutting. That way you will have a cleaner, straighter cut.
Gently pull any loose thread or strings away from the cut portion. There needs to be a clean edge that won’t mingle strings or threads with your hair. Quickly hem it if necessary.
3. Put your hair in a ponytail. Wrap the sock around your hand so it resembles a glove and then slide or pull it through the ponytail.
Scrunch the sock down toward the base of the pony tail to achieve a neater, more snug fit.
Hold the sock down at the same as you’re pulling the ponytail hair upward in the other hand.
4. Tuck the ponytail hair underneath the sock. This is how you will form the bun. Be sure the ends of your hair are tucked completely underneath the sock to create the bun.
Hold the ponytail by the base and allow the ends to spill over the sock. Beginning at the bottom, gently tuck the ends underneath the sock, working your way around the bun in a circular fashion.
Secure the ends with hair (bobby) pins. Use at least one or two pins per section to fully secure it in place. Add more pins to the top and sides as needed.
5. That’s it. Enjoy your super cute and easy sock bun.

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HOW TO DO A SOCK BUN // Cute Girls Hairstyles Tutorials