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Hello, lovelies. Do you want some strong, flexible dancers feet? Then you’ve come to the right channel Haha! In today’s video you can follow along with some foot strengthening exercises which will improve your demi-pointes, getting a higher arch and better stability in releve! Do these exercises regularly, any time a day (I do when I am brushing my teeth lol) and you will see an improvement in your demi pointe on releve, in pirouettes and balance in general.
Let me know if it helps xx

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Hi! I am Tatiana!
I am a Professional Dancer and certified Fitness Instructor. I make videos about my journey as a dancer while I also upload fun fitness videos for you guys to join in at home! They are easy to follow along, I often combine fitness exercises with dance elements to make exercising fun and exciting for my viewers, but you do NOT have to be a dancer to join in! Please feel welcome, no matter where you currently are in your fitness journey.
I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. I also post some healthy sweet treats on my website. Feel free to message me about any questions you may have!
Thanks for stopping by!
Much love to you!
Tatiana xx

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Please understand that you should be in good physical condition when following along with the video. You know your body best, please listen to it! Be consciouse of the of execution of the exercises, since there is always a chance of injuries to occur while doing an exercise. If you participate in this fitness routine, you agree that you are doing so voluntarily and at your own risk.