I used to shiver a little when I heard the word “tights” (nylons, pantyhose, or stockings depending on how you know them)….I always felt like I had to be very proper while wearing a pair – any playtime, sudden movement, or even breathing wrong and I swear they would instantly rip. It would be a miracle if you pulled them off when you got home and they were still intact!

When my mom told me about the “unbreakable” tight I was in disbelief – but when she discovers something good in the fashion world, it’s usually the real freakin’ deal.

I have never enjoyed tights simply because they damage easily, so I had to try these out for myself. I wandered over to the Sheertex website…their models are a range of ages, sizes and ethnicities, and they boast qualities like “ethically made”, “10x stronger than steel”, and “one of TIME’s best inventions” – it’s also woman-owned.

If that wasn’t intriguing enough, my mom then tells me they send you a sample of the material when you order a pair of tights and encourage you to try and rip them. They sent along a sample piece of material to be put to the test and see if I could tear them with my own hands — check it out and see what happens!”

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