Ancient Egyptians Fashions and Clothes were as beautiful as they were comfortable.The cloth used by the Ancient Egyptians was made of linen and wool. Cotton came to be used much later, during the Christian era. This linen was extracted from a plant called flax. A kilt or a skirt was usually a part of their ensemble.

The kilt signifies various aspects of the wearer like his age, societal status, etc.The Ancient Egyptian used dyes to colour the thread before the cloth was woven. Yellow, red and blue were the most common ones. However, they appreciated the beauty of white which was brought about by bleaching the linen in the sun.

They found hoards of jewellery buried along with the mummies of pharaohs and their queens which would aid them in their afterlives.Jewellery, again, was a mark of personal wealth ad station in society. Headbands, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, anklets, rings, etc were worn by men and women alike. The poor also wore jewellery, albeit, more colourful and of cheap materials like pottery and such.

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