We take lots of care of our face in winter, but pay no attention to our hands resulting in their darker colour. Monika shows you an effective recipe for 100% hand whitening at home in this video made in Hindi language for Indians. You will also learn to use the right product matching to your skin and precaution for this recipe.

1. Lemon Juice + Raw Milk
2. Raw Milk + Sugar + Coffee Powder
3. Tomato + Aloe Vera Gel + Baking Soda

Precaution: Don’t use baking soda directly on your skin. Apply a bit of it on any part of the skin to check if it is not causing you any irritation and rashes. In case you feel a burning sensation, wash it immediately. Most importantly, don’t apply it on cuts and wounds.

Use this recipe for cleaning and whitening your hands at least once a week. After washing your hands, apply coconut of badam oil on your hands.

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